So, what is the secret to any success?

Well, if I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret now, would it? The day dreamer’s version of the secret to any success in life is you put your feet up, sit back, relax, let things to just happen and the success rolls in just like a dream. We’ve all been daydreamers sometime or the other!

But in all seriousness, I am keen to tell you my version of what the Three Significant Secrets to Any Success in Life is. And it might not be what you all want to hear or some of you might not want to hear. That is Hard Work, the Right Education, and The Journey.

That is it. So, once you sincerely start putting the hard work and you are getting the right education, the journey is going to be a combination of so many things like finding the right people to learn from, the circle of people you surround yourself with, your everyday discipline, your level of commitment to your mission and the time that you allow every day for your mission.

Once you have made those decisions, then you can start to really focus on The Secret.

The Myth:

A lot of people think to have a goal in life and to succeed means that you have to be really intelligent, smarter than the other person or always be on the edge. That is completely not true. I will tell you this, over the years some of the role models of mine who have not presented themselves as experts in anything have achieved remarkable status in life. And I have seen others, who started their journey with excitement, have put in the work, but ended giving up ultimately.

So, if there is something that I can share from my experience is, it is very typical for people to get results only if they are persistent, no matter what. In other words, what I mean is that they show up, they take consistent action and they do the hard work. Definitely, these are the people with the right mindset, just the positive one.

I think too many people stress about the wrong things in life. Life is stressful enough and I’m sure you would agree that you don’t have to be stressed unnecessarily.

When people start their journey to achieve something, they go in and they face challenges or they have a bad day. So, many people blow out of proportion. And I think this is something that we see in people all the time.

I know for sure that the secret with all the successful people is that they’ve always pulled themselves up and made sure that they enjoyed their journey.

The Journey:

If you are unsure about how you are going to achieve what you started in the first place? You should get educated first. That’s probably the hardest part. The research of picking the right approach that suits you. But once you’ve done that and if you’ve done it right? Just enjoy the journey. This is going to be one of the biggest secrets.

I think that success in anything is the journey. It’s not the destination because it never ends.

As for me? I am on a journey now just like anyone else. But I am enjoying this journey more than what I ever have done, and I am realistic with myself. I’ve got the right mentors, I am using the right training and I made sure that I found people that I wanted to learn from to be successful in my life.

Does this help when you’ve got your bills to pay? When you have a regular job to go to where you spend 10 hours a day? Of course, it does and no doubt about it.

There is nothing more enjoyable when you really think about it than learning new skills especially the skills that are going to better your life, better your family’s life and improve your future.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and be realistic with yourself. You are going to have to work hard, you are going to have to get the right education. Just make it an enjoyable journey to success. That will be my version of the secret if there are any secrets to success at all.

So, go-ahead. Get started, put in the hard work and enjoy your version of the journey!!

Keep your passion alive!


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