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We are often left frustrated after promising ourselves that we will make a change. It could be a simple task such as getting started with a new routine or wanting to achieve something that is very important to us or our family, just to find ourselves few weeks or months later that we have not achieved those things, again?

We all justify ourselves and find reasons to be in control of our situations, our lives, our challenges, our learnings, and to feel positive once we achieve what we set out to achieve only to be shattered by this feeling of failure. And if this is a recurring cycle we see ourselves being caught up in? Our life can feel a bit “caught up”, a sense of emptiness or even purposeless sometimes.

The only reason I chose this topic One Powerful Reason To Set Your Life Goals And Stay Motivated was to motivate you to set goals and live a meaningful life. However, you might feel that I chose an unorthodox example to explain the concept as you read along. And that is because I want you to step back for a minute and focus on what is the most important goal in your life right now? Are you truly motivated to achieve them?

I want to share something that I’ve learned that helped me to begin moving in the right direction while I was wandering aimlessly myself not so long ago.

Prioritize your goals and focus on what matters to you:

Yes, it’s natural to be stuck in your own busy world every day with your work, meetings, bills, chores, travels, kids and much more that you don’t realize what you lost sight of, which is the bigger picture here and of course, that’s your big personal audacious goal.

Hopefully what I am about to tell you could help you prioritize what is important to you in your life right now and you make a conscious effort to ignore the ones that are not. This also means prioritizing your values, principles, core beliefs, what really matters to you and to let go of what is not worth your time, effort or of real value to you.

Have you written your own eulogy yet?

It might have been unusual, uncommon or even unorthodox to mention words like eulogy or gravestone to someone and expect them to be motivated. However, there is a context here, I want you to imagine your gravestone and see what is written on it?

What would your family and friends write if they were asked about how you lived your life and how do they remember you now that you are gone? If they are celebrating your achievements, your proudest moments, what would you want them to be? How do YOU want to be remembered?

And for the record, this kind of exercise to wake people up is not uncommon in the mindset/self-awareness industry and this is just one of the versions!

Take a piece of paper right now, draw a gravestone and write your five responses on that gravestone. It could be something like this:


Loving Hearted

Great Friend


National Sports Champion

Science Believer

Successful Businessman

Now, pause for a minute and write down what might be on your gravestone. Think of all the people you know who might want to write something about you and what will they write.

What is Your Reason?

Look at where you are in your life right now and what are you doing with your life. If there is anything that you can change in your life that could be written on your gravestone what would that be? Or will you continue living your life in the same way as you are now that could be reflected on your gravestone as it is?

Is there anything that you are doing too much that could be reduced to add value to yourself and others? It could be simple things like spending too much time in office, bringing work home, watching too much TV, playing video games till your hands hurt, wasting time with people who are a bad influence to you instead of spending quality time with your family.

Are you spending money on things that you don’t really need instead of saving it for your first home, the first car, investing in personal development, family world tour or child’s college education?

Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.” – Alan Bennett

Get Practical Right Now:

What are the specific things you can change for you to have the eulogy written the way you wanted and the one that you will be proud of?

A simple example could be: Give more attention to the things that are closer to your heart. Dedicate some time every day to visualise your goals, exercise, read, learn a new skill, pause for a moment during any part of your day and take deep breaths, live that moment, stay positive, spend time with your loved ones, family and friends, give your undivided attention to the small thing that are aligned with your goals, do everything you can right now and take action to design your life just the way you want it to be.

Because your goals matter and your motivations matter.

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